you don't need a trail to feel the magic

last september i wrote a post about trail magic.  in it i spoke about how even though we were struggling with a job loss and worried about finances - my husband and i found peace and refound each other on the trail.

since then he's gotten a new job - and lost that one too.  we did manage a hike or 2 since november to just chill out and reconnect...but then the snow came...........and it stayed.  forcing us to forgo the trails and search for another place to find magic.

and we did - at the movie theatre

my husband and i aren't sitcom people - or 1 hour drama people.  we couldn't tell you the latest shows on primetime tv or recognize any recent tv star.  its movies we love....and especially going to see them in theatres.   since having kids we don't go as often alone as we'd like....instead now that they are older we go see more family movies.  that is fine and can be fun - but what we miss is being able to see the R rated ones.


a couple weeks ago my husband suggested we blow off the day's "to do" list and sneak to the movies while the boys were in school.  we did and it was great!  very few people in the theatre - food all to ourselves - and when it was over - we picked up the boys and we finished off the rest of the day with them - happy, relaxed and rejuvenated.

last week - giddy with anticipation - we did it again. 

even though i'd love to make this a weekly event - or even bimonthy...i don't really forsee it happening.  since we planning on starting up our business with no income coming into our household.......let's just say money will be quite tight!  but that's ok - b/c soon enough the snow will have melted and the trails will be clear...and biking is free...

and so is the magic - regardless of where you find it

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  1. my hubby and i really like to see a movie together, too. :) something about escaping real life for 2 hours . . . isn't it nice?

    i don't know the last one we saw in a theater . . . our kiddos are still small enough to tuck into bed, then we have the living room to ourselves for movie watching. :)

    i'm glad you are finding magic with your man . . . we found some on saturday night with a very last minute date. :)