trail magic

there is no denying the magic of trails. if you have ever biked or hiked or ran or simply walked on a trail you know what i mean. it is the best form of meditation i know - clearing the mind and soothing the soul within minutes of hitting the dirt. i enjoy the different types of people on the trails - old retired couples, young moms with their children, dog walkers, horse riders, runners........all happy and smiling and eager to say hello as you pass. i am very lucky to have some beautiful trails in my surrounding area....and i've been taking advantage of them this week during my struggle to adjust to back to school season. as an added bonus the air has be crisp and the sun has been shining (well most days) ....making my trips that much better. the trails this week have truly saved me from further spiraling downward into this rut. now, while the alone time was nice and needed and greatly appreciated - it reminded me of and made me long for another thing that makes trails special...sharing them with others.
a year ago around this time my husband lost his job. budget cuts forced the university to close his department. as expected he was a mess. what helped him get through this time was a healthy dose of trail magic..........

together we would drop the kids off school and hit the trails on our bikes. those mornings were the best mornings we have ever had. not only did it clear his head and keep him focused on finding another job.......it strengthened our relationship. we laughed and talked and had alot of fun with just each other. it was a wonderful time that i cherish. he did eventually find another job and just like that - our morning rides were over.
once spring came we started up again - this time with the kids in tow. the magic is still there and even though at times its harder to feel through the whining and complaining....you push through having faith that eventually they will also feel the magic of the trails and be drawn there when they need to regroup and recharge.....and rejoice when your child turns to you and comments on the smell of the trail..........knowing it is all worth it.

before i pick up the kids from school today i am hitting the trails again...this time on foot. the sun is not shining - in fact its kinda gloomy - but it doesn't matter. i need to be with my thoughts more than i need to be with the scenery. i need the magic. i need to keep working on me in order to be there for my family.

this weekend will be beautiful and we have been talking about a family bike ride on saturday. i am sure i won't have time to be with my thoughts but that is ok. i'll have my family around me. the peace may not be there - and i'm pretty sure the quiet wont be there either. but one thing you can always count on will be there.....and that's magic.


  1. I love the way you tied in the first sentence with the last sentence...a sign a good writer! Nice post...I really think you know how to grab life and find moments to enjoy...you'll have to teach me sometime.