did my pre-nor'easter prep help?

we actually did get the predicted snowfall.  (this photo was taken while it was still snowing pretty heavily so i am sure we got a few inches more) this has been a very weird winter for us.  the areas south of us - the ones that rarely get snow - have gotten huge amounts of snow.  the area north of us usually gets large amounts of snow - and they have been pretty much spared.  my area is usually hit or miss.  this winter its been hit.  but then it is winter afterall - and we should get snow - but after years of not really getting much...when it comes it is almost an annoyance! (well once you get past the initial beauty of it!!)    so when we woke up this morning - there was a lot of snow around.

as for my prep last nite?  well, i guess my intentions were good

the firewood was covered with snow
(and this was under a covered porch!)

the birds did have plenty of food
they just had to wait until it stopped snowing to find it!

luckily the sleds weren't completely covered with the snow
so after a quick brushing off - they got plenty of usage

even our tiniest family member ventured out
that is after we cleaned the walkway for him

i will admit - i didn't bother putting my snowpants on
so i just hung around and watched
and took lots of pictures

then it was back inside for hot showers and hot chocolate

its all good.......

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