why is it that the more holiday cards i receive........the less i want to send mine out?


wish upon a star

when you think you have 48 hours
 but it ends up only 2 
 all you can do is brew some tea...
and call it a day


creating a space

earlier today i made a list.  actually i made many lists - what gifts are left to buy, how many gift cards i need, and what crafts i need to make.  my homemade list is not a long one.  nor is it an unrealistic one to accomplish.  at least not now.......

this is what my craft room looked like when i walked into it tonight.  i've been on a huge purging spree lately - getting rid of clothes and clutter and toys.  what goes to the thrift store goes into my car and gets delivered the next day.  what gets stashed for sorting - ends up in here.  every once in awhile i spend a couple HOURS in here purging and tossing and sorting...but hours is what i do not have right now.

so tonight - little by little i started to clear an area...and area large enough that i can get some sewing in.

and finally - after an hour - i can see my workspace. 

and with just 9 days until christmas...its not a moment too soon


oh my how time flies!

i can't believe its dec 15th and not a single post all month!! computer issues have made the past week an absolute nightmare...so much so that after battling the computer at work all day - the last thing i wanted to do was get online at home!!

lack of pictures is a problem too.  sitting an office 5 days a week for 8 hours doesn't leave me with alot of time (or energy!) for picture taking.  it wasn't until after we started decorating our second tree tonight that i thought to take out the camera and quickly snap some not so exciting pictures. sadly this was the best one.

but like i mentioned the last night of november - i'm still not that stressed about it all...

so what have i been up to?

cards aren't done - in fact i haven't even decided if i want to try and take a picture and make a photocard...or just send cards with a picture inside...or just do nothing!  well - actually i do want to send cards - its the same dilemma i had last year.  i'm curious to see how i resolve it this year!

house is trashed - but what can you do about that...i've finally admitted that since i find myself always saying that followed by some excuse "i worked all day" "we were away all weekend" "we had a party" - that it was time to fess up in that truth be told - i'm just not a great housekeeper!

downloaded some super cheesy ringtones - like "i want a hippopotamus for christmas" and "dominic the donkey" which crack me up everytime they go off at home.....when i'm alone......but embarrass the heck out of me when they go off in public!

am very close to finishing my christmas shopping and i am happy that i did not panic and overdo it on the gifts!

finally made a list of what i am going to bake as gifts and craft as gifts - whether i actually succeed is another thing - i mean christmas IS next week!

but i do plan on blogging every day until then! i love christmas blogging!! posts are so colorful and happy!

now i'll leave you with this

my son so desperate for mistletoe that he grabbed this bunch of berries and told me to take a picture of him pretending to kiss someone underneath it.  how can you resist?