4 things you cannot recover

i've pretty successfully gotten rid of junk emails.  occasionally one or two will slip through but nothing too bothersome.  once in awhile i'll get a joke or story forwarded to me from a friend or family member.  i used to just delete them but now i'll give them a glance to see if i catches my attention.

this morning i received one of those "life lesson" type stories and it was short enough that my glance over it actually covered the whole story.  i had heard it before - the one about the lady who takes out a package of cookies and starts eating it - and the man next to her starts eating them too.  the lady becomes increasingly more frustrated b/c this stranger is just eating her cookies without asking.  cookies finished she gets on her plane and goes through her purse only to find her cookies in there.  she then realizes it was the man's cookies SHE was eating and not once did the man complain......corny yes but a nice little lesson.

it was what followed the story that grabbed my attention.

4 things you cannot recover:

the stone...............
              after the throw

the word...............
              after its said

the occasion.........
              after the loss

the time................
             after its gone

its funny how you have principles you try to follow in your life - and even try to teach to others.  you live and preach them daily until they are a part of your everyday routine.  but then you'll see them printed somewhere or hear them spoken by someone else - and they make a huge impact all over again.

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