Nov 30 - the day before

in an effort to simplify the holiday
i chose to capture the spirit of the season
through pictures and a few words

join me tomorrow as i begin again. this time around it will be much more of a challenge to blog every day. my life if more hectic than it was 2 years ago.  last year i feel like i missed the entire season.  i blinked - and it was gone. 

i don't want to miss it this year.  my hope is that by slowing down enough to take a picture - i will slow down enough to enjoy the moment. 


geocaching your way through life.......

the anticipation is what gets you out there
picking your path based on how much time you have to spend.  some days your time is short - you can't go very far. other days you can take your time - you allow yourself the luxury of getting lost in the journey.

 you find you don't even think what obstacles you will encounter along the way. the excitement of what you might find overshadows your fears of possibly not finding anything. 

but you do reach your destination.  you've made a new discovery - about your surroundings perhaps, or about the journey you took to get there. it was thrilling!...this path. you want to leave your mark behind - yet the fear of being forgotten grips you.

you begin to wonder if what you left behind is worth anything.
will anyone want what you offered? 
is it good enough?
was it worth you being here in the first place?

you may never know in this lifetime.  many are never told. 
the lucky ones - they know. 
they were told.
doesn't everyone want to feel like they matter? 

but i'm here to tell you that your treasure will mean something one day. even if you didn't think what you left behind was any good - just know that what you left behind
as insignificant as you think it is
as unimportant as you think you were

you were worth it to someone.


do over

instead of feeling like you've failed once again
be thankful for the chance to do it over
and over
and over again

until finally it feels right 



that is how many pictures i am uploading right now.


i am quite curious to see them - i'm hoping they will remind me of everything i did this past year
quite frankly

..................i forget.

that being said - i look forward to the remembering and the writing and the pictures!! i actually sat down one night and googled how to use some of the features my camera has - like fuzzy backgrounds

like that one!! i remember being thrilled that i figured out how to change the shutter speed (or was it apature....or are they the same?) regardless i learned how to do it

then promptly forgot

or this one - fuzzy up front and clear in back.
but it doesn't really matter - i'll just google it again
and this time write it down.

and of course pics of the boys.....

so much to remember...........


coming back..............

getting myself ready to return to this space.
i've missed it and i'm eager to come back.
see ya soon!