I'm always trying to lose weight...and because of that I am always reading various weight loss magazines or books and watching shows like The Biggest Loser - hoping for a quick and easy way to lose this weight while sleeping or eating chocolate. As you can imagine - the information is always the same. In order to lose weight you have to eat right and exercise. I know that - I've gone through spurts of actually doing that too - and yes it works.........but then suddenly I stop and gain back the 2 or 3 pounds I've managed to lose.

Well one day I find myself flipping through a magazine and reading yet another success story - hoping to find my "a ha!" moment.........when I read something that actually DID make me go "a ha!" The woman said that what she had to do was learn to be accountable. She actually would take little baby steps - like say "Ok, tomorrow at 4 pm I will get on the bike"....then she would actually make herself get on the bike at that time. Eventually accountability became second nature to her. Now, that seems like no big deal to most - but to me it was HUGE! I realize that I don't (and honestly never really did) have accountability for my actions. I would say I would do something and most times I did - but many times I didn't.......and when I didn't it was no big deal. But it needs to be a big deal. By letting myself slide all the time - I didn't feel bad about not reaching a goal. Granted - I know you have to cut yourself some slack at times...but you also have to be alittle hard on yourself too at times!

So that is one of my missions - to learn to hold myself accountable. It will be hard and I will be taking baby steps too...(b/c quite frankly I have a ton of excuses all ready to make myself feel better about falling short.)...and my hope is that once being accountable to myself becomes second nature - then my goals will actually have a shot at being achieved.