stained glass heart banner

i needed a quick craft to do to add some valentine cheer to our home.  this one was easy and fun to do.

grab some crayons and sharpen them over wax paper

cover with another sheet of wax paper.  carefully place them between larger pieces of paper to catch the wax in case it oozes out the edges.

carefully iron the paper.  if you run the iron along the paper you will smear the colors together.  if you lightly press up and down you'll melt the colors but they will stay mostly individualized.

cut out heart shapes once the wax paper has cooled.

punch a hole in the tops and string them on some yarn.  we hung our largest one in the middle - then on either side we strung our hearts from largest to smallest.

easy peasy and beautiful!


  1. This is so cool Lorena! I love the look, and what a great project for the little ones.
    BTW, is there an update on the Hearts for Haiti? I have been out the loop for the past few days, but I want to make sure that I participate.

  2. This is fantastic. It so magical with the melting crayons and all. Thanks for sharing. Great idea.

  3. I have had a bowl of grated wax sitting on the table for over a week now. I can't wait to try it. I love turning them into a garland.

  4. what a great way to use up all those little broken up piece of crayons. I think we will give this a whirl.

  5. i love this!
    i need to get some waxed paper!