Second - temptations

surprisingly they haven't been too bad.  but then its only been 4 days.  there are still 36 more to go.  actually 43 days left.  i just found out that there are actually 47 days in Lent but only 40 "fasting" days. can you imagine being a catholic for 30 years - going to catholic school for 12 years - teaching catholic school for 3 years - AND NEVER LEARNING THAT??? i find that insane!  oh i remember as a kid saying we didn't have to give up whatever we gave up on sundays.  i never knew why - i thought it was some rule some kid made b/c he wanted to eat candy on sunday!  anyway - i find that fascinating.

went to a diner today.......and brought my own tea.  that one hurt a little.  how can you go to a diner and NOT order coffee??? but i did it.

my niece gave up soda.  she is 5.  she had soda the very next day.  that made me smile - i love the enthusiasm of kids - their willingness to just do anything and not look back if they "fail".  why do we forget that as we become adults?

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  1. Those little mouse things are so cute! I would have had to buy one just because it was so cute!!