spring/Easter swap! come join in the fun!

with talk of more snow tomorrow i am desperate for some signs of spring.  everything is so brown and gray and white around here its beyond depressing!  but spring is right around the corner - and so is Easter.  i thought it would be fun to host a swap for homemade items for either spring or Easter!  if you want to join either respond here or email me directly.  since i'm online only once a day during Lent i may be slow to get back to you - but don't worry i will! i also want to make it more personal.  so here is what i propose:

1 - you can choose whether you want to be in a general spring swap, a strictly Easter swap (religious theme), or an Easter basket swap (items for an Easter basket). once you sign up i'll send a questionaire for you to fill out.

2 - i will match up partners based on number of children and what type of swap you want to be included in.  if you really don't care which one then please let me know b/c my guess is that it is unlikely i'd get an even of participants in each swap!  

3 - then you are responsible for mailing your swap to your partner by March 26th!

please spread the word too!!!  sign ups close March 3rd!!

(edited to add:  please send me an email directly b/c i am having a hard time responding to comments here!  my email address is mcmrymoon@comcast.net)


  1. How fun! I'd love to be in the general spring swap, please. I have one toddler (no candy please!). I'll pass on the word!

  2. What kind of things would we be swapping? I think this might be fun.

  3. i'd love to swap--either one is fine for me as well. i can't figure out how to send my email address.

  4. thanks ladies! if you could - please send me an email directly b/c i am having trouble sending you all a reply!

  5. ok, sorry so slow, but where is your email address? i can't see it on your profile.

  6. annalouiza - my email address is mcmrymoon@comcast.net