the untraditional journal

i love journals. 
i keep a written one.  i have my blog.  i keep notebooks in my bags at all time. 
simply - i just like to jot down things.

one of my favorite journals is one people take for granted
they are discarded at years end and replaced without a thought
with today's technology many people don't even have one

its my day planner.

i found that every year i just couldn't throw it away and i didn't really know why.
so one day i had my collection all ready to toss into the recycle bin

then i started flipping through the pages....
and there it was

my year in review - a biography of my life

birthdays, anniversaries, doctor's appointments
mission trips, volunteering at school, afterschool activities

meetings with the midwife
dates of my c-sections

mno, pedicures, date nites

anniversary trip to mexico, family weeks down the shore,
camping with friends

a chronicle of friendships - one year they were so important you wrote down their birthday
other years they didn't make the cut

when i go through periods of thinking how boring my life seems - i take down my datebooks and just skim through some of them.

a life full of births, deaths, one full of activities and learning, vacations, family outings, holiday gatherings
is hardly boring 

(edited to add:  does anyone with blogspot know why i suddenly have underlined words that highlight ads??????????  i didn't add that feature and i don't like it!)


  1. Ah, I do the same with my calendars.
    One day someone will find all of our books/journals/notes interesting, right?
    It will be you and me, around 93, going over everything...remember when? haha!

  2. I have the Witches datebook and I love it! It seems odd to throw away these momentos of our every day lives, they chronicle the small but important details of each day in a way that we don't see anymore. We've lost so much 'history' by being online it seems a shame to get rid of this slice of life. I am sure future historians will thank you for your preservation of a little piece of now ; )

  3. I love my journals but I always keep my agenda and the family calendar. It is the perfect way to chroncial the year is small written "sound bites" if you will. Great post. Hope all is well.

  4. I save my day planners, too. I have ones dating all the way back to college in a box in my closet.

  5. I also have saved our family calendars for the same reason! I only save them for a year, however. It is fun to look back and to remember.

  6. I have been thinking about my calendars too! I can't seem to get rid of them!

  7. I save my day planners too. No matter how great technology gets there is nothing like looking over your year scribbled in a book.