a hodge podge of things

first off happy birthday to my sil!!  i know it looks like its my nephew's birthday b/c he is blowing out the candles but what you don't is that if he doesn't get to blow out the candle he completely falls apart and will throw himself on the floor and just lose it.  it is the funniest thing to watch - and i will admit we (well actually me) will sometimes not let him get the first blow just so we can see him do it.  horrible no?  yes but how much longer will he actually do it?  so why not enjoy those moments while we can.  but my sil didn't want to see her son freak out again (imagine that) and she let him blow out her candles........

my son had his blue and gold banguet and officially earned his tiger cub badge.

and finally we are taking a huge leap of faith - filled with hope for the future and ensconced in love......ok corny but its true.  with my husband being laid off twice within a 12 month period - and no jobs in site - we have decided to take matters into our own hands and go into business for ourselves.  we are going to buy a franchise.  we have it narrowed down to 3 and hopefully we will make a decision within the next 2 weeks and get started!  we are very excited and nervous too...but we are optimistic.  i am so proud of him.  and he is leaving for a week long mission trip too!!! so good for the soul!!  i know there will be rough times - probably many rough times - but we have a strong support system around us and a large pool of wise entrepreneurs at our disposal (almost every male in my family and extended family has started his own business).  it feels good and it feels right. 

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  1. wow! what a leap!
    but it sounds like you've thought it out and what an exciting venture!
    and i hope he enjoys his mission trip and is able to serve and bless and be blessed!