at this moment.....


i am "wasting" a beautiful saturday morning sitting at the computer doing nothing really but browsing.

it feels like a luxury

there is stuff to do - hang the laundry outside, finish the dishes, grocery shop and some other errands...

i'll do them - there's no rush or agenda for today - when i'm ready


heart breaking

my son went to the philly zoo on a field trip. i went along b/c i hadn't been to the zoo since i was in elementary school. i'm not a huge fan of zoos - but i've come to terms with the idea that zoos are not evil places full of people who abuse animals.  but actually it is full of people who truly care for the animals.

still -  pictures like this one depress me. 

 he was so obviously depressed - i felt horrible gawking at him through the glass.  why was his home all concrete and vents - while other primates were outside with live plants?

that foot........blows my mind

as i snapped this picture the flamingo's head went under water. i didn't want to capture that - so i took another when his head was above water. 

ends up i like this shot more afterall....


looking for inspiration

i haven't done anything lately that seems blog worthy - which, as you can see from my lack of posts these last 2 years, is nothing new.  i went through recently uploaded pictures to find something that thrilled me.

this one always catches my eye

love her too

even though the past months have been filled with trips, proms, birthdays, art shows, school concerts.
confirmations, parties, playing

i can't find a single picture i like.....

i'm not worried though - the inspiration will come