tonight's not a moonlit night
well not a full moon-lit night
but its a little clearer than this pic
i got streak of purple put into my hair
i'm 44
so why not - right? 


i never got around to uploading pictures from the summer until just now.
seems silly to post them after the season is over.  its kinda like going to a halloween party after halloween - that always drove me crazy. 
when its over its over
and thus so is summer


puppy love

oh he's a cutie for sure - and a bit of nightmare at the same time.
we rescued him a little over a week ago
he'll be 9 months tomorrow. 

he is beautiful isn't he?
a pekingese/tibetian spaniel mix
and he is also a nipper - a big one
part puppy - part lunatic is my guess

but he gets me outside everyday
and walking
and walking
i didn't realize how much i missed being outside
for more than just the time it takes for me to get from my car to the office.
oh its so nice
all these daily walks
makes the constant nips worth it
ok not really
but you gotta take the bad with the good 



at this moment.....


i am "wasting" a beautiful saturday morning sitting at the computer doing nothing really but browsing.

it feels like a luxury

there is stuff to do - hang the laundry outside, finish the dishes, grocery shop and some other errands...

i'll do them - there's no rush or agenda for today - when i'm ready


heart breaking

my son went to the philly zoo on a field trip. i went along b/c i hadn't been to the zoo since i was in elementary school. i'm not a huge fan of zoos - but i've come to terms with the idea that zoos are not evil places full of people who abuse animals.  but actually it is full of people who truly care for the animals.

still -  pictures like this one depress me. 

 he was so obviously depressed - i felt horrible gawking at him through the glass.  why was his home all concrete and vents - while other primates were outside with live plants?

that foot........blows my mind

as i snapped this picture the flamingo's head went under water. i didn't want to capture that - so i took another when his head was above water. 

ends up i like this shot more afterall....


looking for inspiration

i haven't done anything lately that seems blog worthy - which, as you can see from my lack of posts these last 2 years, is nothing new.  i went through recently uploaded pictures to find something that thrilled me.

this one always catches my eye

love her too

even though the past months have been filled with trips, proms, birthdays, art shows, school concerts.
confirmations, parties, playing

i can't find a single picture i like.....

i'm not worried though - the inspiration will come


winter begone!

i knew today i had to get back to this space if only to get rid of the horrid pics of winter! 

so grey and bleak and gloomy.  we didn't even have much of a winter this year and for that i am thankful.  every year i tolerate the cold less and less.

we didn't even get the rain we desperately need this time of the year.  even once in awhile you need a good rainy day to force yourself to stay inside and do what needs to be done. 

yes - that is my reason for putting off projects around the house.

i am happy i made the effort last fall to get some tulips and daffodils in the ground.  of course these are not my tulips in the picture.  i didn't get a chance to photograph mine. 

that seems to be my motto lately
...didn't get a chance...

i need to change that motto



:: stop talking to me when i'm on a business call

:: stop ringing and interrupting my family time

:: stop correcting me before i finished saying what i want to say

:: stop harassing me about buying an ad in your publication

......ever have one of those nights? 

my son will now go the mountain house in the winter because he just found out his new best friend has a house in the very same cul-de-sac as we do.

the next step is getting them to actually try skiing. which they said they would try this winter.  but our winter has been crazy warm.  which i actually like  because being cold is not something i enjoy being ........at all                no that's not them in the picture.  those people are snowboarding on the mountain across the lake from where i was standing.  how much do i love that i took this picture as if i was standing right next to them.



1. Verb - the act of removing someone from your friends list on any social network.

1. a. Verb - the act of removing someone from your category of friends generally, not limited to removing them as your friend on any social network.
Synonym: defriend
tonight i was unfriended by someone who i absolutely loved to hang out with in highschool.  he was someone i was so happy to find again.  he posted something i didn't agree with so i said so....and he respectfully told me he had no choice but to unfriend me.
i've reached a point in my life where i don't take things personally.  i don't take this unfriending personally.  he is in a place in his life where this conviction of his is strong and he felt compelled to take a stand.  i give him credit for that. 
i felt confident enough to disagree regardless of the consequences.  i give myself credit for that.
he says he prays that one day we can become friends again.  tomorrow when i set my daily intention i will be sending love out to him.
isn't it ironic that he unfriends me b/c we are different
....but from what i see we are really quite the same
we finally got some snow
i'm also getting better with my camera



when i set an intention the night before
and i get a phone call the next morning
it makes me wonder
if its really that easy afterall...........