Fat Tuesday! Fastnacht Day! Mardi Gras!

if you celebrate and however you celebrate - its a time to have fun!!! i took a great picture of my son with a HUGE white powdery donut smile with my cell phone this morning and i have no idea how to download it.  i left my camera at my parent's house last nite...........sigh.....so i am picking a random pic from my harddrive to post........

i guess it'll work....its kinda mardi gras-ish..ok maybe not - but at least its colorful.

anyway - there is so much excitement over here - tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent - and we have a huge competition starting...

40 days and 40 nites of change!!!

in the spirit of Lent - it is time to spring clean our bodies, minds and souls.  we are giving up stuff, making postive changes in our lives, pushing ourselves to the limit.  we are seeing what we are made of.  we will be feeling discomfort, wanting to give up - but we will push through it and succeed. 

there are a bunch of us involved - some things we are doing together.  other things are being added on by different individuals...........

i'm not going to spend every day talking about our progress - but i will keep you posted once in awhile.


  1. sounds interesting. I am looking forward to hearing anything you have to share!

  2. sounds great! We too are starting our Lenten season with not just the commitment to forgo favourite things for Lent but to add a positive change - make an improvement to our lives for Lent. Looking forward to hearing about your progress.