i don't even know where to start!

what a crazy couple of days!  we had a major snow storm last week - and another one yesterday....so we are a bit nuts trying to dig out and stay sane around here.

don't get me wrong - the snow looks beautiful when you are looking at it through a picture window

but its not so pretty when your plow gets stuck, the tractor can't make it up the hill, and a neighbor's tree falls onto your property and blocks your driveway - further hindering the snow cleaning.

but with the help of a cousin and my mom (who at 62 really shouldn't have to help!!) - we shoveled the driveway enough for the tractor to make it up to our house.  unfortunately the truck is still stuck.......... 

with the driveway cleared and the sun shining brightly - we finally had a chance to enjoy the snow.

we made a snowman

and created some snow art w/food coloring filled bottles (what i didn't take a picture of was the butt and penis my youngest son painted on our snowman LOL)

we even took a mini-hike down the driveway to see the stream completely filled in with snow - and gather some much needed twigs for our fireplace

if you notice - most of my outdoor pics are of my youngest son - that is b/c out of my 2 boys - he is the one who likes to hang with me outside and actually DO things...the oldest - not so much.  he bailed within 30 minutes...

but sadly - what got completely overshadowed by the blizzard
was my hubby's birthday

there was no birthday cake (he desperately wanted to eat it the nite before - so we did)
no singing happy birthday
no decorations, or cards or presents......
no favorite dinner

and he didn't complain about that at all

but that is going to change today. 

he was able to pick up some hours of work so he'll be gone all day and most of the evening.  so while he's gone we will decorate
and make some cards
and make a present of some sort........
and find some type of cake to make that only requires one stick of butter.......b/c that is all i have......

then tomorrow we'll make his favorite dinner
and sing happy birthday

b/c he is great husband, dad, uncle, brother-in-law, brother, son and cousin to many
and he deserves a special day

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  1. oh. snow.
    i love it.
    and i hate it.
    you know the feeling. :)

    i hope you have great fun making a lovely birthday for your hubby!