turn an old kid's t-shirt into a dog shirt!

this is our yorkie-poo.  he is about 13 years old and missing a LOT of the hair on his body.  its such a shame too b/c his face and legs are still nice and fluffy.  poor guy looks like a total mess.

i really want him to try and keep his core warm b/c its cold both inside and outside our home!  but i didn't want to spend $20 or more dollars on something i wasn't even sure he'd keep on (he can be quite finicky in his old age) so i found an old t-shirt of my sons and played around with cutting and sewing........


and now our dear old morty has a new shirt to wear!  he even looks like he is pleased with it!

i kept taking it on and off making adjustments.  i cut out a section underneath for his little peepee.  the next one i make will be alittle longer on his back.  i must warn you though - they are quite addicting to make.  he may just have a new wardrobe by the end of the weekend!


  1. This is so cute! Can you post a tutorial? That dog is smiling in that picture! I think he loves his shirt.

  2. Haha, little peepee.
    Johnny said, "Cute dog right there, Mommy..."

    Looks great! Can you make one in rat size?