Trying to blog from my phone isn't very easy. 
It somehow gave me a choice of pictures to use.
I chose this one even though I think I've used it before. 

I came outside bc right now it feels like a spring morning
And later it will feel like summer afternoon
Yet the leaves are falling all around me

All the local townships are having their fall fests today. 
Will they be as fun in tank top and shorts?




Someone posted this on facebook  
 The Day Wonderland Stood Still by Bruce Wayne Photography
If you have a chance check it out. 
Leaves are changing. 
The other day I saw one tree that had changed red right in the middle of others
 that had not even started to change.
I thought of that tree after watching the above video.



I love figs!
They are round and plump
and full of goodness inside...
sorta like me :)



I recently bought myself a French press.
I simply got tired of making too much mediocre tasting coffee
I also bought a frother with visions of making super cool latte art
It appears that art will have to wait
In the meantime I am enjoying the milky foam


back home

(one of my wishes would be to have a huge sculpture like this in my yard) 
I returned home from a (first ever!) girls' weekend
to find a plant, huge chocolate bar and welcome home sign
waiting for me
my husband said when he comes home from traveling
he doesn't get that type of reception
so what can I tell ya




i'm sitting here with a stack of cd's I checked out of the library
the absolute best place to get music for your ipod
besides james taylor/carole king
 I have bread, the mamas and the papas, erykah badu and KC and the sunshine band
quite the mix eh?
love the album cover
i'm going to try guitar lessons for the 3rd time
hopefully this time will stick



guess who turned 45 today?
I think its a good number
I like to use my birthday as a time to make resolutions
not january 1st like everyone else
I have some pretty good ones lined up for this year



my grandparents lived in a two story home
the bedrooms are upstairs and the living areas are downstairs
to use the bathroom you had to go outside the bedroom doors on the top floor
down these steps and into the main door on the first floor
the steps are marble
I remember the sound the bedroom doors made as they opened
the feeling of my bare feet on the cold, slippery steps
the plaster wall that was chipped a little then and now a lot
and sitting on the landing
as a young child
as a teen
as a newlywed
as a mother
this past summer may very well have been the last time I will sit on those steps
even though I've visited my grandparents maybe 7x in my lifetime
those steps are one of my favorite places in the world


writing prompt

many years ago I was in a writing group with 3 other friends
this a scene I would have wanted to use as a writing prompt
this building is about 50 feet from a church
the church in which my parents married
besides that church there isn't much going on in their town anymore
I imagine it was a very popular place 60 years ago
isn't that a great sign?



My parents own a beach house
I haven't been there at all for the past 2 summers.
I did, however, make it to a beach once this summer while visiting family in Italy.
It was a beautiful, sunny, clear day.
The colors just popped.



walking through a piazza in Italy I looked up and noticed this window
I desperately wanted to know who lived there and what they were doing at that moment
Raining and thunderstorms in the forcast today
My son has plans to meet some friends at a park today after freshman orientation
I'm trying hard to enjoy the fact that he is starting highschool this year - instead of reminding myself that 4 years will fly by quickly
why do I constantly do that?
Focus on the end of something instead of enjoying the beginning...



if I had to choose which door to enter first
I really don't know which one i'd choose
beautiful morning right now
going to be very humid later