i never got around to uploading pictures from the summer until just now.
seems silly to post them after the season is over.  its kinda like going to a halloween party after halloween - that always drove me crazy. 
when its over its over
and thus so is summer


puppy love

oh he's a cutie for sure - and a bit of nightmare at the same time.
we rescued him a little over a week ago
he'll be 9 months tomorrow. 

he is beautiful isn't he?
a pekingese/tibetian spaniel mix
and he is also a nipper - a big one
part puppy - part lunatic is my guess

but he gets me outside everyday
and walking
and walking
i didn't realize how much i missed being outside
for more than just the time it takes for me to get from my car to the office.
oh its so nice
all these daily walks
makes the constant nips worth it
ok not really
but you gotta take the bad with the good