This picture was taken in a little town in Italy in which my parents lived.
About 50 feet away was a church.

While there are still families living in this town, it is slowly becoming deserted.  Generations have grown and moved on - leaving their elderly behind, sometimes with a now grown-up child hanging back to care for them.

There are parts of this town I remember well
~a cousin's house with living quarters in the back (or were they upstairs?) and a "convenience store-like" market in front.  I don't remember much of what she sold - but I do remember chewing gum, cigarettes and notepaper.

~a Y in the road where a fountain (well?) stood.  If you head straight ahead you reach the square with the Church...bear right and you would reach the homes of my cousins and other relations.

~and of course the homes of my parents.  They were neighbors when their romance began so many years ago.

I've been to this town quite a few times
 as a young girl,
 a young lady,
a young woman... and again just last year.

We always made a trip to this center of town to attend Church.  We would meet so many of my parent's friends in that square after Mass.  My parent's would introduce to everyone again,
and point out the house that also served as the bar.
They never mentioned anything about the Cafe Lunin.  I don't remember if I even asked about it.
But I found myself fascinated by it this time around.

What does the name mean? Lunin could be a derivative of Moon. Is it Cafe Moon?
It was once a bus stop - at least I assume by the sign and bench
Was it owned by the family that lived next door?
Was it a popular, lively place? To invest in a lit sign...one would think so.

Across the building was a fountain (or perhaps a Religious font) in front of a wall on which flyers were hung - few newer ones...many old and worn ones.

Its an interesting place this square.

I joked that if I ever moved to that town that is where I'd live
and the first thing I'd do is renovate that Cafe Lunin.

Even if not many people lived there
or if not many people came to sit...

I don't think I'd mind much.  I'd probably just sit on that green bench
with a cafe in hand
and be content.