dec 5th - my special date

friday nite was supposed to be family nite....but by the time evening came 2 out of the 4 made other plans. that left just me and my youngest to hang out together.

we started our evening with a cub scout event. all the scouts brought gifts and made cards that will be delivered to the children with cancer in the hospital.

afterwards we hit the village for some pancakes for dinner. as we walked out of the diner we spotted a huge tree lit up with large beautiful bulbs. we ran across the street to see it.

and stand under it

and look up into it

then i was told we just had to take a picture of it
but my camera was in the car.
so i was told we needed to go get it and come back.

so we did

and it was worth it

by now the shops were closed

that is all except one

we went inside and looked around

and got to talk to the owners

and hear their story

i was told i absolutely needed to buy this really cool windmill for $180

that didn't happen.

tis the season for magic..........

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