dec 8 - 2 hours at a time

i had the oddest day today - sitting here now at almost 11pm i realize that i spent my day in chunks of 2 hours..........

- got the kids to school and had 2 hours before i had lunch duty (i managed to cut the greens and berries i needed to make my wreath - but never got a chance to actually make it!)

- went to school where i had lunch duty for 2 hours

- ran a quick errand then had 2 hours before i had to pick the kids up from school

- managed to squeeze a 3 hour chunk in before i took the boys to basketball - where i sat for 2 hours

- came home and sat and watched the biggest loser finale (my guilty pleasure) which was - you guessed it - 2 hours...........

i had high hopes of getting stuff tonite after everyone went to sleep.....and now everyone is in bed - and i find myself exhausted. but i'm gonna give it a shot. i'm throwing on some lady gaga and getting to work - think i can last 2 hours???????

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