6 days til christmas - snowed in!

the predicted snow actually came

and its still going strong

did some laundry

and some cleaning

and finally some crafting

heather and i had the same thought one nite - we both tried to figure out how to make a way to carry journals and colored pencils around together.
her's is so much prettier.
mine is for a 6 year old boy.
my pictures stink.

here is how i made mine. pencils and books are in seperate pockets on the same side.

it is folded in half twice. i am thinking of putting elastic on both sides of the inside fold to hold more journals.

and handles were added for easy carrying. i'm thinking of putting his name on it too.

like heather i kept thinking of easier and better things to do as i was making it.
i'm thinking of making one for my niece. i'll have to let the memory of making this one fade though before i attempt it.............

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  1. That is cute! And creative! I like it. :)

  2. totally cool fabric!!! I'm in love with it. Great job on the pencil holder. I hope you're staying warm. Your pooch has the right idea. Can I hang out with him by the fire?

  3. I really like how this turned out. I am still trying to figure how I want to put mine together for the boys, as I am planning to give it to them as a New Year's gift. This is just lovely, thank you for sharing