dec 1 - day by day

i'll admit that last nite's desire to not succumb to the stress and getting a good nite's sleep didn't go according to plan. i did finish my tea and i did get to bed by 10pm.....but i tossed and turned all nite and woke up late this morning.......where i found myself stepping over bags of birdseed, scrambling to find lunch boxes and pack lunches and nagging my oldest to hurry up and get into the shower!

now they are at school and its quiet. my tea has been replaced with coffee and i am sitting by the fire - coming up with today's plan.

day by day

i was quite relieved to see that today is the only day this week i am free during the day - so its laundry, cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen and beginning to decorate.

day by day

tonite is basketball practice - both boys, same nite, one after the other. 2 glorious hours - away from home - that will be used to update my calendar, plan the next day's schedule, address christmas cards or craft something.....no rush - there is still plenty of time

this year it will be different. i will slow down. i will enjoy the season. i may have to hit the ground running at first - build up momentum before i set my pace........but i'll finish strong

day by day

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