3 days til christmas - granola

as usual at christmas - i've had to scrap some plans for homemade items b/c of lack of time due to poor planning on my part. luckily - making granola as teacher gifts was not one of them.

a dear friend said to me today "a subaru driving vegetarian giving granola as gifts.....how original"...........i laughed all day at that comment.

i found some great glass containers at the local thrift shop for the main teachers

while the secondary teachers got cute little boxes instead......

this recipe was unbelievable - huge batches of just enough sweetened clusters..........perfect wet to dry ratio so that there were no uncoated oats just lying around - i hate that kind of granola.

this recipe is a keeper - and i am posting it after the holidays b/c i have another batch in the oven waiting to be stirred............

(more countdowns to christmas here!)


  1. I've never tried to make granola but that is such a wonderful gift for the holidays. I'll look forward to the recipe!

  2. Mm, I'd like the recipe. I'm not a fan of the loose stuff. I would rather have clumps! My son calls it pop rock cereal :)