dec 10th - oh DEER its a christmas wreath......

our house sits in the middle of a nicely wooded property. all year long we plant native trees - some to fill the bare spots.....

and others to replace trees that look like this.........

we have many deer on our property - and we don't mind them usually

but during rutting season - we mind them a lot

so before we replaced this tree i decided to use the beautiful branches to make a wreath for our front door.

i gathered greens for the base

and anything else with texture and color for the accents. berries and ferns, holly and flowers filled my basket.

i whipped up a quick bow

and viola my wreath is completed.

i think my favorite thing about this wreath is that i didn't spend a single dime on it and i think it looks like it cost a pretty penny!

i have more greens and accents left over for a few more wreaths. looks like its gonna be another late nite!


  1. i think it looks awesome. i am quite impressed w your skills!! well done!!

  2. by the way--> quite the wity title!!! you geek!! lol

  3. what a beautiful wreath! very nice work