dec 6th - snow

my plans for a family christmas in philly got twarted by icky weather. it started raining on our way down....and it was cold....and oldest was miserable and more than happy to let everyone know about it.

we didn't get to see much
but we did manange to see the light show at macy's

where it snowed in led lights

and when we walked outside - the rain had turned to snow - which is much nicer to walk in then rain. we ended our afternoon by seeing a christmas carol at the walnut street theatre.

we drove home in this

and woke up to this

its already melting and should be practically gone by tomorrow. but that's ok - we know it will be back again. for now its so pretty....looking outside and seeing it clinging to the evergreens....watching the birdfeeders become a flurry of activity.

...a perfect day to start the fire and decorate the house...and hopefully squeeze in some baking of millet muffins - which i've been craving big time lately......

'tis the season - for snow

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