it is monday nite
the eve before the first day of december
25 days before christmas
and i find myself exactly where i don't want to be.

- coming home to the dirty dishes, dirty laundry and dirty bathrooms i didn't get to before we left for the weekend.......

- sitting at a table covered with school papers i set aside "to look at later".........and realizing "later" is right now

- staring at a datebook filled with upcoming practices, games, volunteering, shows, parties, scouting events.........

- noticing a home that has yet to be decorated for any holiday so far this autumn.....

- unable to focus - on gifts, recipients, menus.......

- wondering how we'll pay for it all.............

- saddened by the thought that i will blink and once again christmas will be gone......

instead of stressing over it all
i am turning off my mind
and listening to my heart
i am deciding what is important to me this holiday season and making the choice to take it day by day. if i get to the *musts* - great.........if i don't - even better.
i am finishing my tea
and going to bed
tomorrow i will regroup
i will slow down

i will unthink about

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