31 for 21 challenge - day 7...hello my name is lorena - and i am raising a frustrated learner....

ever have one of those moments.....(or weeks, or months or years).....when you are soo frustrated with your so called "good" school district that you think all they want is to churn out high scores instead of educated kids who want to learn????  who are allowed to learn at their own pace?

yes well welcome to my current frustration.

and no - i am not being the mom who is mad b/c i actually have to sit down with my son at night and make him do his homework.  so no - its not sour grapes over here...because i have another son who is the direct opposite learner...i never had to help him with anything...and in fact i could write a post titled "hello, my name is lorena and i am raising an unmotivated learner"

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