31 for 21 blog challenge - day 3.......berries

one of my favorite things about autumn is the appearance of berries on the different shrubs around our home.  right around late august/early september they start to appear...little green balls just kinda hiding between the branches and leaves of the plants.  you really don't even notice them.  then one day something red will catch your eye.

looking alittle closer i notice the other berries starting to ripen.  little by little the clusters begin to change - green to yellow and finally to red.

soon the entire shrub will be covered with red - and the birds will come.   the only thing prettier than red berries on a green shrub - is red berries on a green shrub - under a blanket of pure white snow.  but as far as i am concerned that little pleasure can wait because the last thing i want to see right now is snow.  we just had a crazy couple days of rain and some hot weather.  autumn seems to be flying by as leaves are being blown off the trees before they get a chance to change!  thankfully today is a beautiful, sunny, cool day - perfect autumn day - and looking up i notice there are plenty of leaves still hanging around to change color...but once they do change - and once they are gone - i'll still have the berries to enjoy.

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