31 for 21 challenge - 10/25...cubscout hayride

its been a crazy beginning of the school year - and because of that our cubscout meetings and events started later than usual.  one of funnest ones i think is the hayride and bonfire this time of the year.  my den was in charge of setting up the 'smores so while everyone piled into the wagons for the start of the hayride

 the parents in our den hung back and laid out the spread. 

  this year we had a huge turnout and needed extra wagons. 
its pretty neat how the wagons leave in the daylight 

and return in the darkness.  then the bonfire is lit and everyone patiently waits to roast marshmallows

and make their 'smores

even though the heat may be too intense at times - the end result is well worth it

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