31 for 21 challenge - day 5...picking out the positive

some days just plain suck. 

now - it could be because of things YOU did
....like have 3 cups of coffee before bed
....which caused you to wake up at 3am fully alert
....and made the idea of watching an episode of boardwalk empire sound like a good one
....until 4am came 
....at which point you settle into a deep, restless sleep
....filled with totally bizarre dreams  
....and wake at 6:30 groggy and grumpy and with some strange painful pulled muscle in your upper shoulder


it could be because of things SOMEONE else did
...which quite frankly isn't really a legitimate reason to have a sucky day
because if you didn't do the above things
you really wouldn't be crabby
and therefore you would be more understanding of others
and of things they've done
and things they haven't done
and things they've said
and things they haven't said.........


 i was just about to send an email to my friends - giving them a rundown of some more ways my day totally sucked and i decided


i wouldn't do that.
i mean really - who wants to hear me whine?
  i know i don't want to hear it. 
and quite frankly what's it gonna accomplish?


i decided i was going to force myself to find a positive in my dreary, cold, rain-filled day.

and here it is.......

coming home to the smell of burning wood
in our fireplace
 in the kitchen

the first fire of the season...........

and no - we didn't roast marshmallows
(its an old picture - well what did you expect with the day i had?)

in fact - there wasn't anyone around to roast marshmallows
everyone had kinda scattered and went their separate ways
and left me alone
with the fire
and my computer
and time to ponder
and to pick out the positive

insert contented SIGH.......

now THAT is an email i look forward to writing........

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