31 for 21 challenge - 10/18.....learning to juggle

 while walking around central park last weekend - we stumbled upon this boy's performance.  he had all his props with him - and a bucket for tips in the front.  we were trying to figure out how old he was...8? 9? 10?  the entire time he juggled - he never spoke a word.

the boys were especially entralled by the performance...my youngest the most.  it was hard prying him away from the show.

lately i can relate to this boy.  i find myself juggling too
...moving quickly, staying silent, trying to focus so as not to lose my rhythm.

but - if you look closely - there is a difference.  he looks relaxed.  he is having fun. 
up go the clubs - first one - then two - finally 3 or even more. 
hop on a unicycle - why not?

 he is breathing. 

he makes a mistake - no biggie. 
 he turns and laughs - the crowd laughs too. 

is it that easy?
just breathe?
and don't take yourself so seriously?

juggle or not
the show must go on

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