31 for 21 challenge - 10/21......thankful thursday

 you know - i can write a post today about all the usual things i am so thankful for - my family, friends, health and so on....and it would be true.  those people near and dear to me are special and fill my heart with gratitude - a gratitude at times that is so overwhelming i feel like my heart will explode.

but that is not the group i want to talk about.  there is a another group of people that i am especially thankful for....the ones i don't even know by name. in fact - i don't know anything about them...and i'll probably never see them again. 

i don't talk to them.   i'm usually not even that close to them.  this group of people just causes me to stop and simply


they are the ones who capture my attention and force me to be present

 the ones who in the middle of the day don't think twice about getting together, blaring some music and skating.....just because its a beautiful day - and they can 

they are the ones who are so passionate about a hobby that their intense seriousness about it - makes me wonder if in fact - i am missing out on something fun.

the ones with character - with a spirit so beautiful that you don't even question their ability to produce some of the oddest - yet most amazing music......you just know that that is what they are supposed to do

the ones that make you suck in your breathe and wonder - how does he DO that?

the ones that make learning fun

and finally the ones that make you look at them - for just a moment longer

today i am so thankful for the strangers who enter my life

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