perspective - haiti

this morning i didn't want to make lunch for the boys b/c i was feeling crabby. then i got mad b/c they didn't want to eat the school lunch which was an oven baked cheese sandwich. so i stomped around the kitchen - slapping mayo on bread, putting chips and hummus in a container, filling water bottles from a 5 gallon jug.......

i rushed the boys out the door b/c we were late. they chose which coat to wear - which shoes to put on - which hat they wanted on their head........

in haiti they don't have these problems. their problems are on a much grander scale. they can't fight with their children........b/c their children have died. they can't offer a choice for lunch....b/c they have no food.

it is heartbreaking to think about the people whose lives have been wiped out or ripped apart.

please consider donating to your organization of choice. there are many out there from which to choose. Care is one such organization. find one you are comfortable with and help if you can.

times like this i wish i could do more than just send money into cyber space. i wish i could organize some type of collection - but for what? and where would i send it? how do you decide what they need? what you can offer? wouldn't it be great if we us bloggers can work together to set up a collective collection in our homestates? if anyone knows of anything like that - please let me know. maybe we can start together from the ground up.

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  1. Hi Lorena,

    I have been thinking the same thing! I have a friend who does relief work in Haiti each Feb. I have emailed him to ask what is needed and how a group here could help. He said he will be going to Haiti to assist with the efforts there but will not be cleared to go for quite a while. He thought I should gather up some clothing that my boys have outgrown and find a local Haiti support org. to donate it to. I think it would be great to have more of a handmade collective blog world effort somehow. Maybe we could all make blankets? I'd be happy to help organize something. What are your thoughts?

    Thanks for such an important and sensitive post.