its a heat wave!

well not really - but its been in the 40s and the low 50s the past couple of days and it sure feels that way!  my husband and i took the opportunity friday afternoon for a quick hike before it was time to get the boys.  we are very lucky to have a state park across the street so we grabbed our boots and off we went.

this is the only trail the boys don't complain too much about going on - mainly b/c we like to pretend to stumble upon what i call the ruins

i really have no idea what they once were -
but the boys (who are war buffs) like to pretend they are from WWII.

at this point it is usually where we have to stop and turn around - but this time we got to go further

and explore some more

it was so peaceful

i didn't even mind when my husband
kept telling me to please stop photographing the rocks....

sometimes they just don't get it.

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  1. oh, very pretty! Thanks to your husband for letting us see this beautiful spot!!