A lot going on! The Hearts Campaign (hearts for haiti)

i have started a new blog focusing solely on the hearts campaign. that is what i am calling my new mission to make a connection to a child who finds himself a victim of a disaster - by providing them with handmade heart pillows and dolls (and blankets - but i will provide more info on that once definite) in an effort to make them feel there is hope.

i'd like to keep this blog separate.  i just feel weird posting happy times and family crafts one day - then discussing disaster and sadness the other!  but i'll still use this to link over when need be!

i am so excited to be starting this initiative!  this is the the first step in my desire to do mission work oversees sometime in the future (after my boys are grown and out on their own!)

finally - i was looking at a vision board i created last year and right there in the bottom right corner was a whole section of mission work pictures - images i was drawn to and wanted to see manifest themselves into reality. 

looks like now is the time!!

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  1. Hello great heart. Thank you for being such a lovely person and for doing this. You have my full support. I'm heading over to the hearts campaign blog now. You inspire me.