for the soul - birth on the farm

sometime within the past 24 hours this little lamb was born

my parents live in an old farmhouse on a very busy street.  there are 3 commercial businesses on their property and a housing development in their backyard.  smack dab in the middle are sheep and chickens.

this time of the year is filled with phone calls from my dad announcing the latest birth of his lambs.  some single births - some twins - and always with a description of color.  we jokingly say he loves his sheep and chickens more than he loves his own kids.  you see my father is disabled.  he can walk and even drive - but its slow and labored.  his hands don't work like they once did - yet he is still a very hard working man and fills his days going here and there overseeing a variety of projects he has going on.  but what really keeps him going is caring for the sheep and chickens.  he scatters feed and gathers eggs.  he fills the hay bins and herds the sheep inside when need be.  he'll complain when they escape into neighboring yards and rejoice at each new birth.  these animals give him a purpose to get out of bed - something he says he didn't understand as a poor boy living on a farm in italy - but he understands now.

i can see the sheep through my window at work.    somedays i walk outside and absentmindedly start "baa"ing to noone in particular.  sometimes i get a response - most times i don't. 

i'll admit i take them for granted now....mainly b/c they've always been here.  i don't really think about them unless i see the kids going to visit them, or i catch my dad feeding them......or in moments like today where there is a birth and i can marvel at the wonders of nature.  there are a couple more pregnant sheep in the herd.  soon there will be more birth announcements.  i think its time i stop taking them for granted. 

starting today i am determined give my mind/body/soul a daily dose of nourishment.  looks like i covered my soul food for the day.

today's smoothie:

2 cups water

1 large handful arugula

1 cup frozen mango chunks

1 peeled whole lemon

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