maybe not today........

the boys started school today. this is the first year they are both in school all day. i have been anticipating this day for weeks now - planning all the things i will be doing - telling everyone who wanted to hear (and even those who didn't) about the projects i have planned for the house and the nurturing i have planned for myself....................

so i went to bed early last nite - and woke up early today eager to start.......i actually got the boys out the door in time too! i hit starbucks for a pumpkin spice latte (a huge weakness of mine that luckily for me comes right around my birthday - and at a time i get at least one starbucks giftcard from a family member - and this year from my cousin angela) and hit the ground running..............

only to suddenly find it was time to pick them up from school
and i had a birthday dinner for my mom i needed to start cooking
and bathrooms that needed to be cleaned
and there were first day of school papers and forms to look at
and new teacher/classroom/classmates stories to hear


so i put the boys to bed - cleaned up 1/2 the kitchen mess - and i'm calling it a day......or more likely a week...........

wishing you all a peaceful nite


  1. sounds like you needed that latte to get through your day! my son starts preschool next monday. I will have 3 whole hours to myself, but I'm thinking it will fly by just as you've described. Thanks for stopping by so wabi sabi.

  2. Ah, Pumpkin Spica Lattes. Nothing better (except I also have a weakness for their eggnog one as well)

    I have no idea what it is about life with little ones, but somehow there are always so many chores to be that alone time for creativity is just hard to come by. I wish you a creative and fun next week :)