how are you today?

ever have a day where you just feel - giddy? like something big is coming? sorta like waiting for the big wall of water to crash over you....you wait and wait and wait - bouncing around on your heals - knowing that you are gonna get nailed and its gonna be awesome!!!

or maybe you just feel good after feeling not so good lately? you aren't feeling super high - but you sure as hell aren't feeling low..............

that's how i feel today. the sun isn't out. i have no plans other than more cleaning for today. i'm not expecting any much awaited package or a much needed mno tonite.......yet i don't mind!

i like it and i'll take it..............that is my today.

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  1. What a great photo!!!
    OK funny, all I am doing today is cleaning as well, and I am rather happy to be doing so. It just feels like the day for it.