My Ode to Autumn...............A is for aroma

i don't do alot of cooking in the summer. we are rarely home and the times we do find ourselves here - i usually end up looking into an empty fridge and sighing.....unable to find something exciting to cook.

and its hot........and hot kitchens aren't fun for me - esp since we rarely use the air conditioner.

but once autumn hits - i start cooking again....and its usually tons of soup and chili.

last nite was my first official start to autumn cooking. i opened the pantry and found all the ingredients i needed for vegetarian chili. actually i don't really follow a recipe for chili since i make it so often. but i decided that i really wanted some cornbread with it. so i used a recipe from the blue heron ranch cookbook and whipped up some super easy - super quick cornbread....which i now can't stop eating.......

today is soup day - i love miso soup and tend to make that and eat it 3x a day (i like mine crammed full of tofu and seaweed and shitake mushrooms)... but i found a recipe for curried veggie soup that sounds good too.....

so i'm not sure which soup i'll end up making later - but i know i can't wait to jump right in.

oh - some of my other favorite autumn aromas:
  • wood burning in our kitchen's fireplace
  • warm apple cider the second before you take a sip
  • crunchy leaves on the trails
  • cinnamon and nutmeg
  • chilly mornings
  • my early morning or late evening tea


  1. Oh a real kitchen wood burning stove, that is amazing. We too do very little cooking in the Summer, and I just can't not stand the oven going in 100 degree heat.

    I love this time of year when the weekends are spent with long days of cooking and getting ready for a yummy week ahead of warm meals and time spent under fluffy blankets.

  2. Well, Lorena...I'm really glad we enjoyed some nice dinner and laughs and serious talk last night at BB. I'm also very glad that you told me to check out your blog...it is wonderful and I'm very impressed. Plus, I feel closer now to you than I ever did in High School...You are "the" woman!!! Nice Job!

  3. If you have a good recipe for miso soup I would love it!!!
    (I just found your blog via Bits of Sunshine)