even though i can't speak bird - i understand what their saying!

"honey, we're having a baby!"

i can't tell one bird song from the next - but over the years i have learned to identify what i call
the house wren's "i'm building my nest" rap

they try every year to build a nest up by our house.  problem is - they pick the worst place possible.  we have a covered side porch where i usually stick a birdhouse for decoration.  because its covered - those are the first windows we tend to open in spring.  a few years ago i started to notice this very distinctive song.  when i'd go to the window to check it out i would notice a wren come flying out of whatever hole it was in.  eventually - like pavlov - i made the connection.

first nest they built was in a wreath hanging on my door.  they mananged to finish the nest - but i assume the daily opening and shutting of the door proved to be not a great place to lay eggs.  so i bought one of those birdhouses you stick to the window with the clear back b/c i wanted to share this process with the boys...who by the way are not as enthusiastic as i am about the nest building.  anyway - i hung it up under our porch and as soon as i'd hear the song - i'd run to the window to watch......and promptly scare the hecck out of the birds and they'd fly off.  eventually they got sick of that constant disturbance and abandoned ship. next time (i did mention its been years of observation on my part...right?) i tried to be smart and i lowered our inside blinds to right below the birdhouse and opened them just enough where i could watch them from afar without actually having to be right up to the glass.  that was working - until the suction cup corners kept losing their suction and it would fall!!! so after a few times of falling - the wrens hit the road......again

sadly this year i have yet to hear them in my front porch.

but - where i have heard them this year is out back...

the second birdhouse in the post is the one pictured above.  i used to make the mistake of keeping the birdfeeder filled during the nest building process but - well you can guess - its hard to build a nest when there are birds and squirrels bothering you!! so this year i've left it alone...and so far so good.

maybe this year will be the year that i can peer into the hole and actually see some baby birds.  i'm not sure who will be more excited - me or them!

 i'm going to try and make a safe place for another pair under the front porch since its not too late in the season.  i think i may have this finally figured out. i never really considered myself birdbrained - but these wrens are sure trying hard to prove me wrong.

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