what i'm planning.......

we are home this weekend because my husband has a grueling work schedule at the hospital.  i don't mind though - i have a lot planned for this weekend.

~weeding and planting my garden.  i wasn't planning on doing it this year - but then i bought a tomato plant from my son's environmental club at school....and got some squash plants from freecycle...and my mil informed me she has some veggie plants for me.......so really how can i not start my garden this year

~organizing and decluttering.  my house is a mess...and some rooms much more than the others. i'm not going nuts - but i will...no wait i WILL get them done this weekend.  i am picking up a dresser from freecycle (freecycle has been my friend this week) and using it as a school/art supply center in my dining room.  its badly painted in two shades of pink but who cares...its sturdy and should right in with a house full of boys.....

~pond clean up.  i have a tiny whiskey barrel pond that was beautiful the first year...non-existant the second year (i let it run empty during the winter and it lost its water-tightness) but is full of nasty water now and just needs to be cleaned and filled again.

~laundry on the line.  i am actually looking forward to doing laundry and hanging it on the line! i have one of those circular ones and first thing this morning i got it out and set up. 

~hot yoga and spinning.  a yoga/spin studio opened up near me.  while i'm not a stranger to yoga - i have yet to try hot yoga...same with spinning.  so since i'm home - i figure why not! i'm really looking forward to both!

~breaking out the ice cream machine! i am having a picnic on monday and figured homemade ice cream would hit the spot nicely.  trying to choose which flavor to make is the challenge!

what are you planning this weekend?


  1. yes, the ice cream machine is coming out here too! ♥

  2. How did all that go for you? It exhausted me. ha! Love your new top photo!