geese........and a bear!

 i recently went on a field trip with my son's class to a local nature center.  the kids participated in a study of a pond and of marshland.  they really enjoyed themselves and i did too! it made me long for the days i taught nature programs at our local watershed conservancy. 

anyway - at the end of the trip the weather turned hot and humid. the kids were complaining of the heat (but honestly i think they were just DONE with the day) and we were trying to get get them through one last activity before we called it a day.  while they tried hard to concentrate on their leader - off to our left we heard quite a commotion in the creek.  these two geese were really enjoying themselves in the water and we couldn't help but watch them a bit.  they reminded us that soon we too would be cooling off in the water.

as for the bear?  no - there the kids did not see a bear at the nature center.  this bear appeared days later.  there he is - our cub scout graduated from the wolves to the bears.

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  1. I'd like some of that hot air now, please! Cute bear!! :)