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how cute are those two turtles

 recently i discovered candles.  its not like i had never burned a candle before - it appears that i've been burning the wrong KIND of candles....super smelly ones that irritate more than calm me.  beeswax ones are wonderful and got me back on the candle burning bandwagon.  a few weeks ago i bought a candle called beach fire.  it smells exactly like its name. it has become my new favorite.  all i want to do is sit around fires all summer.  i will literally stand over the candle and inhale the smell for what seems like minutes but i am sure are only seconds.

now you see me, now you don't

we have a little creek that runs through our property.  during the really dry periods of the summer it doesnt have a lot of water but there is a pool of water in the middle of it that always holds water.  you would think that this pool of water would attract frogs.  actually - it did...once.  i only remember one time in the 10 years we've lived here that i heard spring peepers.  ONE TIME! i go down often to see signs of frog life...none.  you know where we do find frogs? in our bushes - on our back patio.  last night i spotted 2 of them.  where they go - i don't know because our house isn't that close to the creek.

it ain't easy being green

i'm finding that is hard being environmental when you are really busy.  over the past 18 years we've made some pretty big changes in how we do things - focusing on trying to be more aware of our impact on our earth.  i am really glad we started 18 years ago because many of the things we do are so ingrained in us that we dont have to think twice about doing it  like bags - i have been using my own bags for so long that i just don't forget to bring them into the grocery story or drug store or mall.  i just instinctively grab them when i leave the car. recycling too - i don't even have to think about it - jars get rinsed, boxes broken down, cartons smashed...all without thinking about it.  but lately i find myself - when i am really overwhelmed or busy or in a major rush and i have a nasty jar that needs to be rinsed and recycled - tossing a jar into the trash.  guilt takes over and i end up taking it back out and recycling it - but the fact that i threw it out at all bothers me!  there are quite a few more examples i have.  now, don't get me wrong - i haven't gone back to my old ways - but its just interesting that i found it easier to be green when i was a stay at home mom.  

they call it mellow yellow

i'm really grateful for the relationship i have with my boys.  they don't say they hate me when they are angry at me.  they don't call me names when they get in trouble for something.  now i know that isn't supposed to be the norm - but unfortunately it is very common.  they are  not disrespectful to adults.  they are kind and caring to others.  tonight we decided to get ice cream in lieu of having a proper dinner.  as we sat around the tables at the farm we were laughing and teasing each other. we would sit and soak in the breeze and the smell of cow manure (which i love by the way) and a fire burning somewhere.  it was such a nice time. i told my boys how thankful i am that they never said they hated me or called me names.

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