a silly little post about my feet...AKA ignorance is bliss

i used to think i had the cutest little feet. they weren't too big and they werent too small either...just hovering around a size 7.5
believe it or not - when i looked down at them i would smile - being grateful that i didn't have toes that look like mushrooms...or that my second toe wasn't 3 inches longer than my big toe.  sure my toe nails are tiny and my pinky toes hide behind their neighbors which make pedicures a nitemare...but i just figured it was because my feet were so "dainty"

i was perfectly happy with my feet.

until that one fateful day at the pool
.....with my cousins. 

we were just hanging out and somehow got on the topic of feet (which of course makes me smile in and of itself) and my cousin angela mentions she has webbed feet.  we all start to tease her until she points out that we ALL have webbed feet - its in our family!  i loudly protested - I DO NOT HAVE WEBBED FEET!  to which she pointed down and said - yes you do...........right here.....



i was mortified! (and i have to admit i am even more mortified at the fact that i cropped the photo to show you!! so not only can you see my freaky toes but you can also see that i am in dire need of a pedicure!) all these years i LOVED my feet and especially what i thought were my cute little dainty toes...and now when i look down i wish i had a little pair of perfectly painless scissors that i could use to just give a little "snip" in between those toes so they match the others........... 

do my weird little webbed toes keep me from being barefoot or in sandals year round...no

do my weird little webbed toes keep me from being called a duck by my husband and kids (who love the fact that i am so shocked by my recent revelation)...no

do my weird little webbed toes distract me from my breathe as i bend into forward fold...no

no they don't do any of those things - they are just toes really...
and for them i grateful
 because without them i couldn't stand or walk or run very well
...at least that is what i keep telling myself

whenever i look at them
which happens to be a lot

ah - ignorance is bliss.......

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