getting back into sewing......

i used to sew years ago. i took a class when pregnant with my first son and made the curtains for his room and a maternity dress (well actually a tent) that i wore on my way to the birth center! and i stopped there. i had visions of sewing all these things for the house and for the boys - but never really did. i mainly stuck to costumes

these are one of my favorite costumes i ever made. they are reversable so the boys could be either a knight or king just by flipping the costume. they are pretty beat now b/c they were well used (my youngest just barely fits the larger one!). i love the idea though and am thinking of making more of them to possibley sell - with a version for girls.

so anyway. a few months ago i was asked to make these pentecost banners and suddenly got the itch to sew again. i have a decent stash of fabric and vintage sheets/tea towels (i love fabric - and yarn - and wool......anyone else just hoard without using????) so i decided to just jump in and try something new....namely bags. i requested a bunch of books from the library and when they came i took the plunge. i made these three for my friend cindy's birthday. one thing i found that the stress of picking a fabric for someone else is crazy! i was constantly second guessing my choice. since i was determined to use only what i had - it made it much worse. (i didn't realize that most of my stash was tiny floral prints!) it is much easier to craft for me or just make some things and have someone pick what they want!

for these bags i followed the pattern exactly - just to see the entire process without having to focus on being creative. but now that i've made them - my wheels are turning for other materials to use and styles to make. i'm really enjoying myself here.

first was this zippered pouch. once i completed this one i knew i could do anything! i learned lining and zippers and handles all in one pretty piece! i have some really cool vintage green floral fabric already picked out for my next one. i like making these pouches so much i have a feeling they will make up the majority of my pieces. now i want buttons and trims and embellishments! oh my!

from these pouches i moved on to a reversible tote bag. the floral is a vintage sheet. i used the remainder of the sheet to make lounge pants that as soon as i finish the waist i'll be able to post a pic of it. i like this bag too - even though i like the stripped pattern as the main fabric instead of as a pocket.....also learned to make pockets with this one....the right way...with pretty finished edges.

the coolest tote i made was this one. remember the tyvek envelopes i said i took from the recycling center? well that is what this tote is made of - fed ex envelopes! i love love love how this turned out! super quick too - i could have easily had it done in an hour...but it took me two...mainly b/c of stupid mistakes i made and had to redo. did i mention that my new bff is my seam ripper!!!!!! i had to rip out seams for each project at least 3 times......not fun but part of learning.

so what's next? well - the lounge pants i mentioned are just about done. and after that - skirts. i have fabric picked out and the simple (a line) style chosen. i can't wait to start on them. i have 8 more books requested from the library too. ah - like christmas in july!

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  1. That's awesome, my creative friend!! Especially awesome since I now own all of your wonderful creations! :) Francie said (of the little one), "I LOVE this! Can you tell Lorena to make me one? Right now??" I assured her that you would get right on it.