finally some sun at the lake!

so far this year everytime we've come to our lakehouse it has rained and i haven't been able to take a kayak out onto the water or go for a swim in the lake.  but not this time!  it is beautiful up here today! the sun is shining - there is a little breeze - cooler temps (well in the 80s as opposed to upper 90s at home).  we took a sailboat out this afternoon, swam a bit in the pool and lake and had a competitive game of bean bag toss on the beach.  a major highlight was watching a watersnake completely swallow a dead sunfish.  we got to watch it from the moment it swam up to the fish to the final moment when he got spooked away by some crazy old grandmom and swam away with a fully ingested fish no longer visible.  the worst part - I HAD FORGOTTEN MY CAMERA AT HOME!!!!!!  lucky for me some nice man took my email address and offered to email his pics to me (i really hope he does b/c he got some great shots!!!  it was like the snake was putting on a private national geographic show just for us)

since i have no camera - here are some pics from a month or so ago.........since i basically take the same pics whenever we come up here - i was planning on taking some different types of shots this time around - but alas i'll have to wait until next time.

tomorrow we get to visit with friends who have a house about an hour north of ours.
they have a lakefront house
and a boat.
we are really excited about finally being able to connect with them up here.

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  1. It looks so pretty. I hope he sends you the snake pictures too!