our local recycling center.....

recycling is very important to our family. for the past 15 years we have worked very hard to limit the amount of waste that leaves our home. food waste gets composted or tossed into the woods for the critters to eat. items in decent shape gets sold or donated. if i'm really on top of things i can get my act together to freecycle items that are broken but that i can't bear to toss into the trash. but most of our trash gets recycled.

our township has the standard #1 and #2 plastic, glass and cardboard pick up. our school and church has the big bins for paper. everything else gets hauled to our local recycling center.

i love this place. its dirty. its smelly. it is home to a peacock that someone just left there one day. i volunteered there for a bit right before i had my first child...only stopping when my belly got too big to comfortably bag and haul the items!
if you don't know if something can be recycled - bring it anyway - chances are if it can't...it will be used for something creative. i've been known to pick through the trash and bring stuff home (like tyvek envelopes - and you'll see why tomorrow!)

while i love being there - the boys don't like it. they complain about having to go there (this particular day was really hot and the trash crammed into our car was pretty smelly so i couldn't blame them). they complain about having to sort the trash once there. then suddenly they get into it for a bit - fighting over who gets to smash our cartons with their feet and finding numbers my aging eyes can't see. but soon enough they are back to complaining again b/c they are sooo ready to be done.

so while recycling is a great thing to do - not buying in the first place is even better...and that is what i've been focusing on lately. in some areas i'm really good at using what i have first.....in others not so much. but i still feel we are doing more than most so that feels good.

so until we really reduce the amount of stuff coming in to our house -- off to the recycling center we'll continue to go!

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