Pentecost Sunday banners

i FINALLY found my camera cable and i uploaded all my pics! i was so giddy it was silly - but why not dance a happy dance for something silly like that!  i have so many posts to catch up on and not much time tonite so i will simply show the banners i was asked to make for pentecost sunday. 

this first one was made with red felt as the background and burlap for the cross.  the flame was made out of an old tye dye bandana and some scrap orange/red fabric i had.  the white words were an afterthought and that is why the placement is off.  "spirit" is too far below the flame..if i had done the words from the start i would have centered the flame more.  i stared at it all during Mass b/c it bothered me!  are you too critical of your stuff??

this second one i love b/c it feels so 70s to me - big abstract dove and flame.....i cannot remember the artist but we have a painting of his of a seagull........anyway

this is my favorite part of it.  i tried machine embroidery for the first time and i used that stitch that you can use in you don't have a serger.......can you tell i am a very novice sewer??

i also used that stitch to highlight parts of the flame in both banners

so there are my banners.  i was very pleased with how they turned out and i loved that i was able to use all fabric i already had in my stash.

many more projects ahead........

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